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CDL certificate

Receiving ‘Certified Lactation Consultant’ (pl. CDL – Certyfikowany Doradca Laktacyjny) certificate confirms that a proper knowledge level and sufficient skills were achieved to grant professional and responsible lactation support. CDL consultant can use the knowledge on lactation, interdisciplinary medical and psychological knowledge according to current standards. CDL consultant can keep medical records of treatment and is skilled in teamwork.

Certificate may be obtained by individuals who during postgraduate education undergone the following: course entitled ‘Problems with lactation’, a supervised and individual internship, positively passed theoretical examination and practical examination with the Center for Lactation Science (CLS) examiners. For certified lactation consultants, it is vital to be firmly prepared to teach mothers and support them in lactation problems in perinatal period.

CDL certificate is appreciated by employers in Poland. During postgraduate education in CLS employees receive additional knowledge and skills that were not possible to obtain during undergraduate vocational training. Having CDL certificate is easier to gain employment in the position of lactation consultant in hospital or to set private outpatient or lactation clinic. The certificate mentioned above do not allow to grant any other medical support than those resulting from professional qualifications. CDL is not a professional certification. Until we register lactation consultant as a profession...

Of history...
The first polish certificate decision was made in November 2nd 2006 after we have failed to register worldwide well known lactation consultant as a profession in Poland. Here we present an opinion of the Minister of Health on lactation consultant profession registration in Poland: National consultants in the field of pediatrics (Prof. Anna Dobrzańska), gynecological and obstetric nursing (MSc Leokadia Jedrzejewska) and the Department of nurses and midwives do not see the justification for the registration of a new profession. Only Prof. Ewa Helwich, national consultant in the field of neonatology gave a favourable opinion. Prof. Ewa Helwich suggested also a ‘compromise solution’: certificate possible to obtain by medical practitioners after completing training provided under provisions of the law. The Center for Lactation Science has taken the effort to develop a program, prepare the theoretical and practical training, examinations and certificating. We would like to thank Prof. Ewa Helwich for the words of support and appreciation for our hard work in promotion of professional lactation counselling.

CDL certificate is intended mainly for medical practitioners. Until 2010 CDL certificate was being obtained also by individuals of non-medical professions, but with longer training course. However, with school’s board decision on May 15th 2010, since 2011 CDL certificate may by obtained only by individuals granting medical professions (medical doctors, midwifes, nurses etc.). In 7 years the verification of knowledge and involvement in profession is performed. The register of Certified Lactation Consultants is available at CONSULTANTS.

CDL 2013 certificate requirements:

  • complete initial requirements for candidates according to CDL Standards (see below) 
  • undertake and positively pass 70 hours of course entitled ‘Problems with lactation’ (50h of course + 20h of own work)
  • undertake and positively pass 25 hours of supervised internship (40h is recommended)
  • undertake 500 hours of individual internship (documentation of lactation advices granted in that time)
  • positively pass theoretical and practical examinations (prices for 2013: theoretical exam – 100 PLN, practical exam – 130 PLN)


Attention! IBCLC consultants who want to obtain CDL certificate should register and choose ‘CDL examination after courses in 2003-2008’, whereupon, will receive a declaration to fulfil and send back with attachments to CLS office.

  1. CDL Standards
  2. CDL Ethical and Profession Codex






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